Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vegetable Pot Pie

In the spirit of pie making, and as I had some leftover pie crust dough, I decided that a "dinner pie" was in order tonight. This was one of those throw what you have in a pot creations, and a delicious creation it turned out to be!

I'm still mastering the craft of the pie crust. The top of this one is a little bit patch-worky in some spots, but I seem to slowly but surely be getting the hang of gluten-free pies. The problem lies in how crumbly the crusts end up being. I think I'm going to add a bit more Earth Balance to my dough next time, in hopes to add a little more moisture. It also appears I need to learn to cut my slices a little more evenly - currently it looks like someone just stuck their hand into the pie to grab out a scoopful!!

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