Thursday, May 7, 2009

BBQ Heaven

My old BBQ died over the winter. The honest truth is, she was murdered. Murdered by the cruel winds of mother nature, who threw my baby off the deck in a winter rage. Now as much as I loved my first born, she needed an upgrade, as most first borns do. (As a first born, I feel I can say this)

Introducing my new and improved child...

She's everything a mother could dream of, and then some. 4 grills, 72,000 BTU, rotisserie, smoker, warming drawer, side burner... I love her.

To bring her into this world right, I had my dear friends Holly and Lisa over, with their significant others, to give her a proper Sunday christening.

Beer-can chicken, some grilled veg, maple carrots, honey-glazed potatoes, spinach salad with sugared almonds... the perfect inaugural dinner. I've got a great summer ahead of me. I can just taste it.


tabiirani said...

Make me dinner!!! I'll bring something too, just tell me what the theme is since you are as much (or more) of a food nerd as me, or should I say "foodie".

aborenst said...