Friday, July 10, 2009

Calgary+Food= Jealously

I hate when I go somewhere that's not Ontario, and find so many delicious gluten-free products that aren't available in Ontario.

Exhibit A - Rock Creek Dry Cider by Big Rock Brewery. I'm drinking it as I type, and it's fantastic. Far superior to Strongbow, Magners, and the like. I might even go as far as to say better than Bulmers, but I'm only on can one. Further consumption will need to happen before I make such a wild statement.

Exhibit B - Products like this. All I want is to find a gluten free, dairy free freezer pizza. Apparently that's not a problem here in flat-land Alberta.

And finally - Second to None Meats. I suspect I will come home with lots of delicious things from them, if I can figure out a way to bring them home with me.

Today I ate a Fred Flintstone sized smoked turkey leg, hand-made salt water taffy, a "potato Tornado", and a candy apple. Picture to come, of course.

Goal for this weekend - find a liquor store that carries gluten-free beer.

1 comment:

lisa said...

and this is why i am moving out west.

(not even, i dont need gluten free food or beer, but the west is where it's at )