Friday, July 17, 2009

For the love of Caesar's.

I consider myself quite the Caesar connoisseur. My two favourite spots here in the city being Mr. Green Jeans in the Eaton Centre, and the Cadillac Lounge. Both which offer you the "double" option up front- a favourite of mine.

Calgary, being the self-proclaimed home of the Caesar, found me drinking quite a number of them.

These lovelies are from The Unicorn Pub. They came accompanied by pickled asparagus spears and a large dollop of horseradish. Horseradish is the key to a great Caesar, yet unfortunately many a restaurant has yet to learn this little trick.

While on a mini-putting excursion, I was confronted with the option of beer or a Caesar in a bottle. Unfortunately beer and I do not agree, so I made the reluctant decision to choose the bottled Caesar. Thankfully, I was quick to appreciate my choice. I've tried the Motts Caesar, as well as the Keg Caesar. Both were brutally disappointing. But this, this was a little piece of heaven. For something you have no control over, it's the perfect combination of tomato and spice. I liked it so much, I had 4. For breakfast.

Though I'm unfortunately without a photo, another great spot I found myself consuming Caesar's at was Joey Tomato's. Despite being a chain, the food here was quite lovely. Sunday night is also Caesar night, which finds you drinking them for a measly $4.99. These came accompanied by a pickled green bean.

The moral of this post: I need to start taking more photographs of Caesars.


lisa said...

try the swan. they gradded fresh horseradish in theirs!

tabiirani said...

Dude you really have to go to Big Daddy's, they are huge, and they come with a pickled green bean and a giant shrimp (wait, is seafood one of your allergies??)