Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"I have so many delicious things for you to put in your mouth!"

I ate a few raspberries off of my raspberry bush. They were delicious. And consumed too quickly to take photographs of.

The night before last, I had a dream about Taquitos. For most, this would probably be strange, but for me, just par for the course. Now obviously when one has a dream of this nature, they should make said dream come true. Freud did say your dreams are merely your subconscious speaking to you, did he not? (Though I'm sure Freud would see Taquitos as being something phallic, and not the delicious snack food that they are. Dirt bag.) The brand of taquitos that I love even happened to be on sale! (meant to be, right?!)

I made a delicious cumin and paprika spiced bean rice to accompany my taquitos, and picked some lettuce from the garden for some roughage.

In more delicious news:
Earlier, I posted a recipe for chocolate banana pops.Last night I made this post a reality. And let me tell you, reality is delicious!

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chelsea said...

OH MY GODDDDDdd i have such serious bananapop envy! going to go make more, right now.