Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In keeping with childhood dreams...

My partner in crime is vegetarian, so yesterday when I saw Vegetarian Corn Dogs (aka Pogos!), I got really excited. When I got home, I wondered if gluten-free Pogos also exist. After a bit of googling, and a quick trip to Whole Foods, I too was able to relive childhood dreams of food on a stick!
Verdicts on both sides are good. Both were rated with a promising 8/10. The Yves Corn Dogs looked a little more like pogos, with the gluten-free corn dogs being slightly lighter in colour, but i suspect that's because they are able to use a similar recipe to actual Pogo's.

Additionally, I picked some raspberries from the garden today. My garden has not been flourishing as well this year as it usually does. I think the weather is to blame, because god forbid I'm losing my green thumb. Nonetheless, my raspberries are delightful!

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