Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The not so ominous world of Vegetarianism.

To me, a good meal has always involved meat. It may be archaic, but I know what I like. But lately, on account of health and bewitchment, I've been experimenting with *gasp* vegetarian cooking.

Thick cut aubergine, rubbed with lemon, thyme, and olive oil, grilled. Much more filling then one would expect. The trick is the thick cut. Then they have the grill lines on the outside, but are nice and soft on the inside.

Tomato, cucumber, red onion and black olives, in a light vinaigrette. Topped with Greek Feta.
The difference between Greek and Canadian Feta? Greek is sheep's milk, while Canadian is cow's milk. Hence the price difference. Greek feta is much more flavourful. Canadian feta usually has a rather salty flavour to it I find.

And finally, a warm lentil salad, with parsley, sauteed red onions, and black olives, in a lemon vinaigrette, garnished with bbq'd cherry tomatoes.

My goal for Friday: a fancy vegetarian dinner. The heat is on.

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