Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad Blogger!

As is usually the case, I forget about blogging sometimes. Never about food though, rest assured. My camera also seems to have gone MIA as of late, and with it, lots of deliciousness. I am not too concerned though, as its credibility as a camera is slipping. I think OSAP might be purchasing me a new one. How sweet of OSAP.

I went to Windsor with my mama, and bought lots of lovely tomatoes to make Gazpacho.
I was on a huge Gazpacho kick for like two weeks. I should probably get back on that. It was a delicious two weeks.

I also made a number of delicious gluten-free chicken fingers.Consumed with homemade BBQ sauce. Obviously.

Did I tell you about the Paula Dean salad that I made? (Yes. You did read Paula Dean and salad, together, in the same sentence, not connected by the words 'doesn't eat')

Well I made that too.

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