Wednesday, October 7, 2009

important information:

Jelly Belly's which are disgusting:
- cappuccino
- chocolate pudding
- root beer
- tutti fruitti
- vanilla

Jelly Belly's which are surprisingly good:
- coconut

Jelly Belly favourites:
- pink grapefruit
- toasted marshmallow
- orange (but I love all orange candy, so this was a given)
- juicy pear

I removed all of the peanut butter beans because I am allergic to peanuts, and could not find anywhere on the internet that would tell me if there was any actual peanut butter in them. I suspect not, but I think peanut butter is disgusting anyways, so those little guys went in the garbage.

.... I'll write about real food soon. Promise.


lowball the magnificent (t-lo) said...

1. Rootbeer is awesome.
2. Coconut is terrible.
3. Instead of blogging about real food, just bring it to me.

mccool said...

You are crazy! Buttered popcorn is my all time favourite... actually, Butter Popcorn and Peanut Butter together is pretty great, too.