Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ethiopian Sweet Potato Stew

The flavour was simple, but delicious. Perfect for a cool fall evening. I used fenugreek for the first time. It's a great flavour. Definitely something I will have to play with further. I was rather disappointed I couldn't get a better image of this. A new camera is surely in order.

My goal for this winter is to really get back into the kitchen. I've been slacking lately. And when I slack, this ends up being every single meal....

Seeing as how my lovely partner in crime is vegetarian, I suspect most of these upcoming adventures in the kitchen will consist of veggie dishes.

To make in the upcoming months....
- more vegetable pot pies
- cabbage rolls
- vegan/gluten-free goldfish crackers
- cheese bread/cheese bread sticks (a sentimental favourite)
- tofu jambalaya
- gluten free yorkshire pudding
- vegan sausages
- shepherd's pie (veg and meat)
- gluten-free/dairy(cow) free lasagna
- gluten-free/vegan Twinkies!! (seriously. this would be amazing!)
... I'll add to the list when I think of more things I'm dying to make.

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