Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Food Blogger!

I could not find my camera cord for a while, so there was no photo for blogging, sadly. Even now that I've found it, I've decided (ok, I decided long ago) that my camera sucks. Really sucks. I think I may purchase myself a new one with my 2008 tax return. Yes, 2008 (I'm a bit behind).

baked potato, stuffed with goat cheese and spices.
mushroom, sauteed with green onions and garlic.
(and of course I put the garlic oil into my potato. of course)

i felt like a real kid the other day - ham and cheese sandwich with ketchup chips (now that's smoked ham and cheve noir cheese on an Aidan's gluten-free baguette mind you, but the ketchup chips are white-trash Hostess, no worries)

My sister moved to Vancouver, and I miss her a lot, but we've been sending each other mail, which has been super fun. She even asked me to be her Valentine, which of course I accepted, with a Taylor Swift greeting card.