Thursday, March 11, 2010


I also BBQ'd a sweet rib eye steak for dinner tonight, but forgot to take a picture of it. First steak of the season on the BBQ. Actually... I think first steak of the year, period.

Empanadas, take one.

I took my first stab at making Empanadas tonight. Not bad, but not great. I seem to have problems with pastry. I'm not good at rolling it out, and it always dries out on me. Next time I think the pastry has to be thicker, and I shouldn't cook them as long as I did. I used P.A.N. Corn Flour,and just prepared it how it instructed on the package. I'm looking forward to experimenting with corn flour. Once I figure out Empanadas, I'd like to try making Arepas, which is a bread made of corn from South America.

The filling was quite good. I think I may attempt to repeat it in a lasagna. Crumbled firm tofu, with sauteed red peppers and spinach, + garlic and spices. I swore I'd never play around with tofu, but I gave my heart to a vegetarian, so I figure I might as well try.

I put the reminaing dough, wrapped, in the fridge. After a quick research of my failure, I read on a few sites that it's best to chill the dough overnight. Perhaps tomorrow will find me with much prettier Empanadas. If I can perfect them, the sky is the limit - meats, cheeses, sweets! I'd love to try turnovers! Here's hoping I can figure these little guys out!