Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tofu Parmigiana

A friend of mine told me about the delicious Tofu Parmigiana she made for her meat eating boyfriend - and he loved it! I figured/hoped my meat-hating boyfriend would probably have the same sentiments. I used some eggplant pieces as well, just in case the tofu didn't work out so well...
I breaded the tofu and eggplant with Glutino gluten-free breadcrumbs, which I mixed with garlic salt, oregano, basil, salt, and a dash of sweet paprika. Fresh parsley would have been lovely, but I didn't have any. Everything just to taste.

My picture skips a few steps.... I fried the tofu and eggplant, til they we nice and crispy on either side. Then I took a Pyrex dish, and lined it with a thin layer of tomato sauce. Next I put down a layer of spinach, followed by my crispy tofu and eggplant pieces. Finally, another layer of tomato sauce, and I covered everything with cheese. I'm allergic to cow's milk, so I used goat Gouda, which melts very similarly to mozzarella. I stuck my cheese in the freezer for am hour or so beforehand, to make it easier to grate.

Amazingly delicious! The tofu was actually WAY better than the eggplant. (there may have been a scuffle over who got what pieces....).

I topped it off with a simple green salad, some fresh veggies, and some homemade sangria, and let me tell you, it was a delicious meal. One of my best friend's stopped by last minute and got to join in on my delicious creation. It was a nice surprise, and a nice chance to get to cook for other people. I haven't done that in a while. Definitely a repeat!!

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chelsea said...

oh my god.

we are going to have ONE MILLION double dates! i am going to sell my hot babe on baseball and then we are going to eat ALL THE THINGS at your house!

i love that our babes are friends! HOORAH! WINNING!

also the word verification for this post was "gulaten".