Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Packing up summer.

I did some canning with the abundance of 
banana peppers in my garden.
Using my amazing new Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit
I tossed in some tomatoes (red, yellow, and green) 
and a few green beans, to make them look a little more colourful.
I also have way too many zucchini...
... so I vacuum sealed them. 
I figure they'll be a delicious treat in the winter. 
 A vacuum sealer is every cook's best friend. 



where did you get that? i saw it online but couldn't find any canadian stores. AHHHH, want, want, want.

gluten-free nonna said...

Online! It's amazing! Because I just use a stock pot to seal my jars, I always use to burn myself trying to get them in and out of the pot, but not anymore! I definitely recommend it.